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For New Research Partners

Discovery Life Sciences, Discovery PartnersParticipate in Important Community Based Clinical Research.

Physicians can join our Discovery Partners™ Network of Principal Investigators and Clinical Laboratories can participate in our Remnant  Specimen Purchase Program.

-> For Physicians and Research Directors:

If you want to become involved in recruiting Patients for important clinical research studies that will help support the advancement of novel biomarker assays and detection technologies in clinical development, Discovery Life Sciences is building a proprietary, Patient centered and ethically conceived community derived clinical research platform that can deliver your organization's research capabilities to a broad scientific community.

Your Participation can have direct, important scientific relevance at the center of a new era of molecular based translational healthcare by helping catalyze the validation of novel biomarkers, detection technologies and instrument systems that may someday help Physicians diagnose, prognosticate and manage treatment decisions for their Patients.

-> For Hospitals and Clinical Laboratories:

If you are interested in contributing to potentially important Biomarker and Medical Device clinical research and generating revenue opportunities from de-identified, soon-to-be discarded "leftover" laboratory specimens, you can participate in our Remnant Specimen Purchase Program. This program is an IRB approved, HIPPA and Common Rule (45 CRF) compliant program that follows NCI BBRB and ISBER best practice guidelines. There are no costs to participate and we provide you with all the materials, program procedures and operational guidelines to be successful.

Create a recurring source of unrecognized revenue that can fund continuing staff education, training and equipment purchases.

If you think your organization can contribute valuable clinical research resources, organizational capabilities and Patients who would like to participate in important clinical research please contact us at:, or call us at: (805) 528-4341.

Thank you! We look forward to hearing from you.